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Related article: Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 12:09:04 EST From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 31"Adventures of Tray and Jay 31"PART 31: JAY AND TRAY AND THE BOY NEXT DOORCall me a bonehead, but I really get a blast out of the holidays, even if I'm always glad as hell when they're over. Big bro and me have been spending more time with the folks, too, but I still find time to decorate and shit. That's what was in the bag in my arms when I got home and found the door open and Tray asleep on the couch. And I mean, he was out cold, snoring and drooling, the whole nine yards, oh, yeah, and a big old boner flapping under his ratty sweats. Some things go Lolita Top 100 without saying, I guess.I put the bag down real quiet and snuck over and dropped to my knees and wondered what to do. I had to do something, I'm Jay, after all! But I love him so much I just brushed his long hair off his smooth face and leaned close and kissed his cheek, and as I pulled back again he swallowed and licked his lips and made the cutest little sound in his throat. Plus he smiled, which I really dig, I love his smile, okay? I do."Jay?" went my big bro in his sleep, I think, so I petted him a little, his neck and shoulders and side, and that's when I saw his dick was leaking. There was this big, wet, sticky spot up by his hip, so I kind of played with it, the spot, and made his cock twitch. I don't need to say what the frisking of Tray's riled thing did to my big, bad piece. Can we say ROCK? Damn, it was cold outside, and the door was still open, but suddenly it was real hot in there, so I stripped off my sweat shirt and tank top.I didn't want to wake him, but I was horny as hell, and so was he. Sounded good, anyway, in my dizzy head. Tray still makes me dizzy. I scooted over on my knees so the bulge in my tight sweats was by his sweet mouth, and after a quick squeeze I whipped it out of my strap and softly tweaked his wet, parted lips, and he grunted, in his sleep again. But his mouth stayed open wider, so fuck me, but I did it, okay? I put it in, only the head, but shit, that's enough to a dude who's asleep! Tray's mouth closed on it automatic, and my back arched in total pleasure.I don't know what that boy was dreaming, but his eyes stayed closed, and I felt his tongue move over my huge, throbbing, round head, and then without turning or anything, big bro went to sucking on me! Without moving his head or anything, just using his slick lips and boiling tongue and the most intense suction I ever felt, no shit! I grabbed the arm of the couch with one hand and reached over Tray to grip the back with my other, and it was way too much, I lost it fast and threw my head back and groaned in wild-assed release and just spewed and spewed off in my brothers' mouth.I shot my whole, big, creamy wad in Tray's sleeping mouth before his biting down a little hard and choking made me snap and cover myself quick, and his eyes were open and just beginning to register what the taste in his mouth was. Oh, yeah, Tray knows the taste of cum, alright! Especially mine!"Whatthefuck, man?" he sputtered and coughed, and some of my jiz was on his chin so I wiped it up with a finger and licked it clean."Sorry, dude!" was all I could think of, but I guess the shit-eating grin on my face was pretty comical, because Tray tried not to, but he grinned and shook his head. I grabbed his hard-on through his sweats, and he rolled on his back fast to let me at it. That's when there came a knock on the door, but it's our place and we aint in the closet, so I left my hand where it was when I looked over my shoulder and saw the most awesome, athletic stud, in his early 20s with short, brown hair buzzed on the sides, standing there nervously. I think my body blocked my hand that spazzed tighter on Tray's cock.It was the boy next door. No, really, he is. I didn't know his name, but I knew where he lived. We'd locked eyes a time or two, but I knew he just recognized a fag when he saw one and enjoyed tormenting us. Anyway, Tray was the first one who could talk, as he gently pried my hand from its death grip around his prick and my head cleared enough to stand."Howdy, neighbor," Tray actually said. I wanted to die, it was so lame. But the boy next door glowed and, ohmygod, he blushed! Maybe it's because Tray and me were both standing by then, and his eyes didn't miss the twin tents in our sweats. Just because I came already doesn't mean my wood goes away. Uh-uh!"Hi, uh, I hate to ask, but you're the only people in the neighborhood I can think of, because, uh, I mean, oh, damn, I mean, I know where you live!"I swear, I had no idea what he just said, but it was so precious, I giggled! And the boy next door went bright red, and Tray's hand slapped me hard up side the head as he pushed me out of the way."I'm sorry," I said, rubbing my head because it really stung, my bastard brother."Hey, man, I'm Tray," big bro Lolita Top 100 said and stuck out his hand to our hot neighbor, who was locked into Tray's tractor beams. The guy's mouth just dropped!"Kelly," he managed."The rude dork here is my little bro, Jay.""Shut the fuck up!" I snapped, and Kelly looked at me like he would have said the same thing in my shoes. My thing throbbed again, and my hand, which is basically an extension of my penis, gave it a bad old squeeze. Kelly really looked like he'd have done the same thing in my shoes then."Well, what I meant to say was, I wondered if I could borrow a cup of flour?" Kelly got out finally, and then Tray stifled a laugh."Dork!" I sneered at him and ran to the kitchen because I had a better idea than flour for our new buddy, Kelly. A few seconds later I was handing him an open beer, and Tray, too, even if he was a total dickhead sometimes. "I'll get the flour later, don't worry.""Oh! Okay, yeah, sure, alright!" stumbled Kelly. He took a swig to steady himself."So how old are you, Kelly?" I asked that direct way I have."Oh! Twenty. Almost 21.""I'm almost 17," I said, and my eyes sparkled like the bad boy I am.Kelly and me turned our eyes on Tray at the same time, and he made a face."I'm 18," he said real flat."Oh, cool," Kelly seemed to sigh in relief or something. It was weird, alright. I squeezed past them and closed the door, and Tray showed our guest to the couch. They didn't really leave any room for me, but so what! I don't need much. I Lolita Top 100 parked my butt up next to Kelly so he was snug between us. Made the dude nervous as hell."Girlfriend making a cake?" I asked. Kelly's face fell, so I sat up."She left me," he said and swallowed, all down suddenly."WHY?" I asked in total disbelief. He looked at the floor and turned a different shade of red. Then he cleared his throat."It just, uh, oh, God, it was my fault, really. It didn't work. I wasn't her, it was me." Kelly was about to freak, and I still didn't get it. Sometimes I am a little thick."It's okay, man," Tray said with that smooth, understanding, husky voice he gets when he relates to a guy. He started massaging Kelly's shoulder, so I said, fuck, yeah, and did the same to my side of the hunk."Yeah, well, it's not okay when it happens to you," he said, and that's when the bell went off in Jay's head! Damn! No wonder."So what's the flour for?" I asked, thinking maybe Kelly would appreciate a change of subject, and the boy did, alright. He smiled."I don't know, I thought I'd bake a cake so I went to the store and got everything but the flour!" He frowned and licked his lips nervously. "That sounds faggy, I know." Then his eyes turned up to me, checking me out, and I grinned totally nasty. BUSTED!"Dude, you're so tense, how would you like one of our famous back rubs? The Tray and Jay Special." Only, I didn't wait for an answer, okay, I grabbed his arm and stood and lifted him up and then started helping him out of his heavy shirt, which had to be unbuttoned so I took care of that for him while he and Tray watched speechlessly. My God, Kelly has this naturally athletic body, probably never even worked on it. I was drooling, and Tray went along slowly, getting out of his shirt."Let's go in your room, Tray." He couldn't say no, could he, Tray, I mean, and Kelly was in shock. So we ended up in Tray's room, where I eased Kelly down on the bed, face down. Tray was breathing hard when he slid up on his knees beside Kelly, and I used all the control I had not grabbing the stud's tight, firm butt through his jeans as I took his other side. Without a word, the brothers went to work on his tense upper body.Our hot hands did a number on that boy! I squeezed his neck and rubbed his cheeks and jaws and scalp, and Tray worked his shoulders and back and, every chance he got, the armpits that fucking overflowed with sweaty, black man hair! Kelly had this real sexy patch of hair in his lower back that led down to his ass, but the rest of him so far was smooth. Tray reached over and tugged at my boner, and I gasped!I straddled Kelly's left leg suddenly and wedged my right knee up into his trapped nuts and made the dude grunt. Then I reached under his waist even though he didn't lift up to let me, and he tensed."Relax, dude, I'm just helping you out of those tight pants so we can do it right...""Oh! But I don't know...""Come on, dude, you're a big, strong man, we're not Lolita Top 100 gonna force anything on you!" I laughed, and Tray made a funny sound that Kelly probably thought was a laugh, only I saw my bro's face! So Kelly poked his fine butt up a little, and my hands went to Kelly's top snap and worked it expertly, then all the way down the button-fly, one at a time, in no rush whatsoever. Yeah, he had serious wood, alright. Damn near got splinters. His whole body shivered each time my fingers stroked his cotton-clad erection.Tray and me both took a side of Kelly's jeans and pulled down nice and gentle, then pushed off his shoes and pulled the socks off and had the man naked except for his perfect, bright white Jockeys. Like the dirty brothers we are, we both leaned down automatically and checked Lolita Top 100 out the great bulge of Kelly's balls hidden by his sweaty cotton underwear. On the way back up, I kissed Tray on the lips and tortured his still- unsatisfied hard-on.We worked both beefy legs at the same time from the ankles up, and the further we went, the wider Kelly's legs parted! I started panting when we neared the lightly-haired thighs, and I straddled the left leg again while Tray nearly humped the right leg. At the same time, our hands met at the bands of Kelly's briefs and fingered him mercilessly. I mean it, we seduced the private insides of that man's soft grooves, and then I went further up and massaged his flexing left ass cheek. Kelly's hips lifted him up off the bed in shock before Tray's fingers slipped up his crack and kneaded him there brutally, and Kelly's head shot off the pillow, so I pushed it back down and put my whole weight into working his misted back. Tray's face was inching closer and closer to Kelly's crack, and his tongue was sticking out."Okay, dude, roll over now," I whispered, but Kelly just shook his head, as if we didn't know he was rock hard! "Yeah, dude, roll over, now." Still he was shy."It's cool, man," Tray said all sexy-husky. "We know you popped one. You're a man, after all."That did it! Slowly, Kelly rolled onto his back with his hands by his sides. He saw our raging boners and licked his lips thoroughly. I took the back of Tray's head in one hand and pulled him to me, and we kissed long and hard with juicy tongues over Kelly's body. When we broke and looked down, Kelly was playing with himself under his shorts, so I pulled his hand out just in time for Tray to reach in and grab that big piece of meat himself.Again Kelly's back arched, shoving his crotch up toward Tray, who revealed a beautiful, wet, flushed shaft of meat about my size, 9", but thicker like Tray's, and the head on that thing was massive! Tray dove all the way down on it and had his nose in thick pubes before Kelly's brain registered that he was being blown! That's when Kelly moaned like the stud boy next door!I went around and helped Tray out of his sweats and then lost mine. I lay beside Kelly and pressed my drippy pecker up to his hip and watched my bro suck his brains out while both of Kelly's hands squeezed his beautiful head. I started sucking on Kelly's tits and biting easy, but he lost it and Lolita Top 100 shuddered and jammed his cock all the way down Tray's throat and went off and off and off! He slumped back down to the bed and struggled to catch his breath.Tray and me got into kissing again until Tray climbed on top of Kelly and hawked a gob of spit in his hand and worked it up his butt, then gripped Kelly's pecker and sat down on it. Kelly grabbed my brother's cock and stroked it, and I saw Tray wince and tense at the same time so I dropped and sucked my brother, who shot me a mouthful of his sweet boy cream right off. I made sure I got all of Tray's stuff because I love how thick and sweet it is, and I moved up and started smooching on Kelly's open mouth!At first he didn't know what to do, but I didn't give up, and when his tongue got into it I knew he was mine! Then it got real wet and nasty, and our teeth were bumping and everything, and everyone was sweating bad, and when Kelly's mouth went all the way open, I knew he was fixing to squirt. I looked at Tray riding that big bone and jacking his own, and then more of my bro's juice was flying out of him, and Kelly turned red all over and thrust his hips up so crazy I thought that had to hurt, but Tray's eyes just rolled to the back of his head and spit flew from his mouth and Kelly sat up and they wrapped their man arms around each other and held on until their bodies stopped shaking in their wild shared orgasm, and then they kissed, down and dirty, Tray's sperm lubing their heaving chests. I wrapped my arms around both of them and licked the hot sweat off their necks.When Tray lifted off of Kelly, I went right down on his nasty dick, which was still rock hard and dripping more of his seed, and the taste of my brother on that sexy young man from next door made me insane with lust. Then I saw Tray's face buried in Kelly's fuck- slicked nuts, and our eyes locked, and Tray took my 16-year-old penis in hand and did what he knows how to do better than anyone. The breath started choking out of me, so Tray went down on my prick and ate my overworked load.He was barely done before Kelly rolled on top of me and pushed Tray out of the way and spread my legs with his and then you know perfectly well what! That fucker shoved his big old erection up my shoot before I was anywhere near ready, and I screamed in agony! Oh, yeah, it hurt bad! Tray came to my side and smoothed my hair and kissed my crying mouth."You know you're gonna love it, little bro! Go with it, man, go with it, feel his huge cock up inside you like I felt it in me, and know how he's gonna spray his seed up your guts! Yeah, boy, take his dick like a man! Take it!"Damn if I didn't start to like it! Fuck, yeah. Especially when Kelly leaned into me and kissed my gaping mouth wet and wild. I didn't know where Tray went until I heard and felt Kelly tense and shiver and realized big bro did to Kelly what Kelly did to me, only Kelly took it better! So I'm on my back taking Kelly's cock up my rear while Tray is buttfucking the boy next door so hard the damn bed is shaking all over the place! I couldn't get to my dick to jack it but so what!Tray's humping controlled the fast, crazy pace of Kelly's pecker up my outraged teen hole! I felt like they were both screwing my ass at the same time, and it was so wild I knew I was going to spray another load between our chests any second. Kelly's cock was up me for maybe 15 minutes when I heard Tray spaz off totally in him and push forward so that Kelly's thing was nearly lost up in my guts somewhere, and that sent me off good because nothing trips my cord like a giant cockhead growing and tweaking my prostate while the dude's slimy chest massages my trapped boner, and I guess my clenching love muscle drove Kelly boy off the deep end because halfway through my monumental ejaculation his weapon enlarged, okay, and spun me into kind of a second wave of cumming. I had a real double orgasm, no shit!Then the two studs on top of me fell asleep or something, me with my legs spread and up in the air and sperm still leaking from my sore young dick, and I! Yeah, cool! Fuck, yeah! Way cool! I swear...we all fell asleep like that.
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